Portsdown Transmitter User guide

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The Portsdown Transmitter has been designed to provide an easy way to “get on air” with Digital ATV at a relatively low cost, covering all of the commonly used modes, thus enabling it to be used not only on ATV repeaters but also for RB-TV Dx working.

KLB portsdown (1).JPG

There are now 2 different build configurations of the Portsdown DATV system - the Portsdown 2018 system was built around a custom made Filter Modulator card (which has now become obsolete) and an external local oscillator module.

The Portsdown 2019 system uses the LimeSDR Mini hardware in place of the custom card and no longer requires an external LO.

There is no intention to discontinue support of the Portsdown 2018 system, however the LimeSDR Mini has a greater frequency range and enables DVS-S2 transmissions suitable for use on Es'hail-2. It does, however, have limitations on the maximum transmission symbol rate.