146 MHz amplifiers

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RD series

Rob M0DTS published an easy to construct design using the RD series of FETs in CQ-TV 247 and 249 - a good way to get a clean 5 watts on 146 MHz. (The full article is available in high resolution in the magazine)


Mitsubishi power modules

The Mitsubshi RA60H1317M 60 watt brick can be driven via the YU1LM filter and a 10 dB attenuator from the Portsdown transmitter to provide approximately 7 watts output.

146 333ks +10dB 7watts.JPG

Ready built amplifiers using this module are available from DG0VE

For those who want to roll their own, the components are available from the following

  • Sam Jewell G4DDK, 8W amplifier kits uses the same PCB as the 60 watt version.


  • Anglia Live, suppliers of Mitsubishi power modules


  • 60W power amplifier pcb (available from G4DDK above)