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=== Operating ===
=== Operating ===
* [[Directory of portable sites]] suitable for ATV operation
* [[Directory of portable sites]] suitable for ATV and microwave operation
* [[Mapping tools]] including finding the QRA locator of a site and Lat and Long conversion
* [[Mapping tools]] including finding the QRA locator of a site, Post code to Lat and Long conversion and a topographic overlay fro Google maps
* [[Propagation tools]]
* [[Propagation tools]]

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Welcome to the British Amateur Television Club Wiki - the place to find information on on all Amateur Television related equipment and projects.

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New to Amateur TV?

BATC services

CQ-TV Magazine

Getting on the air with ATV

The ATV bands:

The different ATV modes


ATV repeaters

ATV projects

  • MiniTioune - the DATV USB tuner project
  • DigiThin - plug in QPSK modulator module for Rpi
  • DTX1 TS - interface board to take in TS streams to the DTX1
  • RpiDATV - software for the Rpi
  • RBTVMOD - variable rate RB-TV mdulator for the Rpi
  • DATVExpress - SDR hardware based DATV transmitter covering 70 - 2450 MHz
  • RPi Test Card - Raspberry Pi based Animated Test Card Generator
  • SUP2400 DiSEqC - SUP2400 DiSEqC PCBs
  • PE4302 - PE4302 variable attenuator project

ATV Equipment manuals and schematics

Ex commercial broadcast equipment manuals

Test equipment manuals

For HP and Agilent equipment see the Yahoo group

Other equipment information related to ATV