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Welcome to the British Amateur Television Club Wiki - the place to find information on ATV related equipment and projects.

This is a reference library only - please use the BATC forum for discussion on these items.

Feel free to create an account (separate to your main BATC account) and start writing! We suggest that you create a username of '<first name> <callsign>', eg. Phil M0DNY

Any information which you feel is of use to others can be put on the Wiki but please observe any copyright restrictions on your material you use.

Create an Account and start adding content!

For now access is automatic, in the near future approval will be required for accounts created thereafter.

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New to Amateur TV?

BATC services

BATC and ATV projects

  • MiniTioune - the DATV USB tuner project
  • DigiThin - plug in QPSK modulator module for Rpi
  • DTX1 TS interface board
  • RpiDATV software

ATV Equipment manuals and schematics

  • Comtech 23cms and 13cms ATV Tx and Rx circuits and guides
  • Solent ATV Tx and Rx circuits and information

Ex commercial broadcast equipment manuals

  • NDS 3000
  • NDS Alteia rx manual