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Welcome to the British Amateur Television Club Wiki - the place to find information on on all Amateur Television related equipment and projects.

For details on how to join the BATC, the member's shop and CQ-TV archive and download visit the BATC website

This is your site, developed by the BATC for use by the worldwide ATV community - any information which you feel is of use to others can be put on the Wiki but please observe any copyright restrictions on your material you use. However, before you can add or edit content you will need to register for an account.

This is a reference library - please use the BATC forum for discussion on these or any other items.


New to Amateur TV?

BATC Information and services

CQ-TV Magazine

BATC Event Streaming Equipment

BATC Conventions

  • CAT 19 South (Didcot) Presentations from the 2019 regional convention at Didcot.
  • CAT 19 Finningley Presentations from the 2019 regional convention at Finningley.
  • CAT 19 Bristol Presentations from the 2019 regional convention at Bristol.
  • CAT 18 Coventry Presentations and links to the videos from the 2018 convention.
  • CAT 17 Finningley| Antenna test range results, presentations and links to the videos from the 2017 convention.
  • CAT 16 Cosford Presentations and links to the videos from the 2016 convention.
  • Video Recordings from previous ATV Conventions can be found on the BATC YouTube Channel.

International Events

Getting on the air with ATV

The ATV bands

The different ATV modes

Equipment Options

Advanced encoding / input options

Details of advanced transmission configurations, primarily for H265,and video production software.


ATV repeaters


ATV construction projects

  • The Portsdown Transmitter - the BATC's Raspberry Pi-based DATV Transmitter
  • MiniTioune - the DATV USB receiver project
  • Receiver upconverters - Details of upconverters to receive 146 and 437 MHz on STB and MiniTioune
  • Jetson Nano - Third generation computer-based DATV Transmitter
  • Digilite - The original home build DATV construction project
  • DigiThin - plug in QPSK modulator module for Rpi
  • DTX1 TS - interface board to take in TS streams to the DTX1
  • RpiDATV - software for the Rpi
  • RBTVMOD - variable rate RB-TV mdulator for the Rpi
  • DATVExpress - SDR hardware based DATV transmitter covering 70 - 2450 MHz
  • RPi Test Card - Raspberry Pi based Animated Test Card Generator
  • PE4302 - PE4302 variable attenuator project
  • ADF435x PIC - PIC controllers for Chinese ADF4350/4351 boards
  • DigiTwist - an experimental 2 axis satellite tracker
  • G4WIM PA controller - an advanced PA controller design by G4WIM published in CQ-TV 265

Deutschsprachiges Wiki

  • Portsdown DATV Projekt - Deutschsprachiges Wiki
  • Minitioune(r) - Deutschsprachiges Wiki

Useful Circuits and notes

ATV Equipment manuals and schematics

Ex commercial broadcast equipment manuals

Test equipment manuals

For HP and Agilent equipment see the Yahoo group

Other equipment information related to ATV