Danby Head, North Yorkshire

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Nearly the highest spot on the Moors IO94MJ86 >1200ft Asl

Link to Google Maps

Site take off

Good Takeoff to North and South/SouthWest

Possible to receive the following repeaters from this site:


GB3VL (Marginal during daytime, ok late evening generally)

GB3KM (3.4G requires small dish)



Large car park at the side of the junction to Fryup.


Car park only. The Lion Inn is 5min drive to the west.


Popular walking spot and used for other Ham/CB activity.

RF environment

Bilsdale TV Mast not far away, requires filtering to use 23cm Rx. RAF Fylingdales not in view but does hamper 70cm Rx.


Keep to the road/parking areas, Don't use tracks onto private land.

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