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These pages are dedicated to Dave Kenwood G8AJN who championed the Digilite project but unfortunately became silent key in June 2017.



The DigiLite Project was the original system designed by radio amateurs to provide a low cost homebrew method of transmitting live digital TV pictures (DATV). It is a derivative of the “Poor Man's DATV System” which many amateurs have contributed to over several years.

The project is no longer under development and not supported - these pages contain the information from Dave's personal web page which has been put here to ensure that the ATV community has access to it in the future.


Version 5.9

The most recent version of the PCB was 5.9 featuring SMD inductors for the Nyquist Filter a 6 way header for plugging in an optional sub-board with different filter values to suit requirements. (Provision for fixed values to be used on main board instead if preferred). The modulator IC has a ground solder plane to enable the 70cm device with its ground tab to be fitted.


The 5.9 circuit diagram is available here File:DL5,9cct.pdf

Other downloads are: *File:DL5,9cct.pdf