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Finding the QRA of a site New site for finding locators to 10 character accuracy by clicking on a map.

Alternatively, try this site by F5UKW to find QRA locators from Google maps.

Lat and Long conversion

UK postcode to Lat and Long:

Google map based site to find Lat and Long, OS grid reference and address including post code:

OS NGR to Lat and Long

Convert the OS map 10 digit reference such as TG51401317 to Lat and Long here:

Topographic Google map

So exactly where are the highest sites near me? Use this Google map based site overlaid with height / topographic data to find out:

Overlay OS maps

Portable sites

Directory of portable sites Wiki pages describing some sites suitable for ATV and microwave operation

A Google map listing known portable sites - please add yours!

Finding line of sight paths

A very useful site with "click to see the path"