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In order to support the worldwide amateur radio community during the COVID-19 virus pandemic, BATC is offering free use of the BATC Video Streaming Service and chat facility to any radio club or group of radio amateurs. This will enable clubs to hold virtual meetings with HD video and audio streaming and a membership chat window for real time feedback and discussion.

To enable this, we are offering free 1 year "cyber membership" to any radio club or group of radio amateurs.

Stream page.JPG

During the 1 year membership, the club will also receive a free electronic copy of our quarterly magazine CQ-TV, and access to the members' shop to purchase project components. Please do not abuse this shop access - we will not accept bulk orders from clubs, as we would expect constructors to join the BATC in their own right; however, we will supply to clubs for prototypes of club projects and the like.

How does my club apply?

  • Select 1 year cyber membership (3rd item).
  • Press "add to basket" at the bottom of the page.
  • Press "view basket" at the top of the page.
  • Enter "xxxxx" in the coupon code box and the total amount due will reduce to zero.
  • Now press "proceed to checkout"
  • Enter your details - ideally use your club callsign and the name and address of the chair or secretary of your organisation and enter the name of your club in the order notes field.
  • Congratulations, your club is now a member of the BATC.

Setting up my membership

In order to set up your membership and get information needed to stream to your own video channel, make sure you are logged and then click on the membership tab.

  • Click on account dashboard on the left hand menu. Here you can update information on your club membership and change your password.

Stream details

  • Scroll down and you will see "Stream details"
  • Note down the "stream output URL" adding the information in the grey box to the text above it - you should now have an address in the form of "". This is the address you give to your members to view your live video stream.

If you enter this URL in to your browser you will go to your own streaming channel.

  • "Stream title" is the information you need to stream in to your video channel and should not be made available to anyone other than those who are going to set up the streaming for your club. The full URL is generated by combining the test above the grey box replacing streamname with your own stream name plus the stream key in the greyed out box. The URL should look like "rtmp://"

Stream options

  • When you are ready to stream tick "stream listed" which will add it to the list of active stations on this list:
  • Tick guest chat log in to enable you club members who are not BATC members to use the chat facility next to your streaming video window.

Stream type

  • Unless you are doing real time off air streaming and delay is critical, tick HTML5 - this will avoid users having to have flash player installed on their PC but does have a 20 second delay.

Stream description

This text box allows to enter HTML or text which will appear below your video window.

It should be used to describe your club or give a list of events / club meeting programmes etc.

You are now set up to stream your first club content!

How do I use the video streaming

In order to stream content for your members to watch you will need a PC, MAC or other device running streaming software capable of generating an RTMP stream. This is the same input format as YouTube and Twitch streaming services.

There are a number of programs available to produce this stream from a variety of inputs, including:

  • VMIX (Website) - Licensed, free 60 day trial - Windows only
  • OBS (Website) - Free - Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (Direct Download from BATC) - Free (deprecated) - Windows only

For guides on configuring these programs with BATC Streaming, click here: