Receiver upconverters

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Standard Free to air STBs and the Minituner using the Sharp tuner only cover a maximum of 650 - 2400MHz. Whilst this is fine for the 23cms (1.3 GHz) and 13cms (2.3 GHz) amateur bands it does not provide coverage of 146 (2mts) and 437 MHz (70cms) where the majority of ATV operation takes place. Therefore we need to use an upconverter in front of the tuner which converts 146 MHz and 437 MHz up to an L band frequency that can be received.

The page list details of receive upconverters used to convert 146 and 437 MHz ATV signals up to L band:

  • 146 MHz to L band receive converters:

  • 437MHz to L band receive converters:

SUP2400 mods - 70cms to L band receive upconverter hardware modifications

SUP2400 DiSEqC - 70cms to L band receive upconverter DiSEqC control PCBs