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Before you add or edit content you will need to register for an account - you do not need to be a BATC member. But please note, if you are a BATC member, your current BATC log in is not valid on this site.

If you have recently requested an account (since 20 June 2016), and not had a reply, please re-try. We have experienced some technical issues which should now be resolved.

Request an account here.

After you have confirmed your email address, an administrator will then be notified, will approve the account, and you can start writing! You will not be able to log in until you have confirmed your email address and your account has been approved.

We suggest that you create a username using your callsign in UPPER CASE, for example: "M0DNY". Then put your name and callsign in the Real Name field, for example "Phil M0DNY". This will enable us to consolidate all your BATC accounts into one single log-on in the future.

Any issues, please email Phil M0DNY at