Streaming to with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

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A quick guide on how to set up the Adobe Flash media encoder to stream to is available here: [1]

URL, stream id and stream name

These can all be found in your BATC Stream Management page. This can be accessed by logging-in to the BATC Secure Portal, then selecting "Manage Streams" from the menu on the left.

Your short URL can be used to go directly to your stream, type into your web browser, where "g8gtz" is the text entered in the "Short URL" field.

Adobe encoder settings

You can download Adobe Media encoder from here: Download Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE)

FMS URL: rtmp://<stream-id>

Backup URL:

Stream: <stream-id> Codec Choice

H.264 is the superior codec for streaming typical video over a constrained bitrate, however the denoising filters in VP6 can produce a better effective quality when streaming noisy analogue video.

AAC is the superior audio codec, however FMLE doesn't offer it as an option in all configurations.