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To add your repeater to this page, simply add a description, preferably in alphabetic order.
All repeaters have a seperate page which the group can now edit to add information.
=== GB3AT ===
GB3AT is the new 10 GHz TV repeater project on the Isle of Wight at IO90IR.
Currently testing as G8MBU's personal beacon
Output (analogue): 10235 MHz FM ATV
=== GB3BH ===
GB3BH is located at Bushey Heath between Harrow and Watford.
The output is analogue PAL on 10.065 Mhz Horizontally polarised.
Inputs on 13cm and 70cm.
=== GB3ET ===
GB3ET is the proposed new 23cms ATV repeater at Edgehill approximately 6 Miles NW of Banbury.
=== GB3FT ===
GB3FT is the new 23cms TV repeater for Blackpool and surrounding area.
=== GB3GV ===
GB3GV is a 23cm ATV repeater located in Markfield Leicestershire and operated by the Leicestershire Repeater Group
Output (digital) is 1318.5Mhz (4M/S 1/2FEC)
Input (digital and analogue) 1249Mhz (4M/S 1/2FEC for digital)
Input (digital only) 437Mhz (2M/S 1/2 FEC)
Narrowband RX is planned on 146.5Mhz (333K/S 7/8FEC)
Talkback on 144.750, if busy we may switch to 144.525
Visit [https://www.leicestershirerepeatergroup.org.uk/repeaters/gb3gv Leicestershire Repeater Group] for more information
=== GB3HV ===
GB3HV is the 3.4 GHz output repeater located near Farnham in Surrey.
For more details visit our [http://www.gb3hv.com/ website].
=== GB3JT ===
*[[GB3TT - Sheffield IO93gk]]
GB3JT is the new 23cms TV repeater for Hastings and surrounding area.<br />
Output (digital): 1318 MHz DVB-S, 4 MSymbols, 1/2 FEC. (24/7 TX Video Test Card during Testing)<br />
Input (analogue): 1249 MHz (Under Development. Future RX)<br />
Input (digital): 1249 MHz DVB-S, 4 Msymbols, auto FEC, PIDs auto detected (Under Development. Future RX)<br />
Input (digital): 437 MHz DVB-S, 2 Msymbols, auto FEC, PIDs auto detected (Under Development. Future RX with added cavities due to other co-located 70cm repeaters)<br />
The repeater antenna is an Angled Slot, mounted on top of the GB3HE four stack, which is on top of the main mast located ~ 500 feet ASL on the Ark Helenswood in Hastings TN34 2AF.  <br />
Talkback audio channel is currently taken directly from GB3HE, with future 2M RX to be added.  DATV/ATV audio will be auto switching on second channel.<br />
For more details please visit [http://www.rilges.org.uk RILGES Repeater Group].<br />
Located in Kirk Merrington, County Durham, IO94EQ - 200mAsl.<br />
Analogue Inputs: 1.280GHz, 2.328GHz, 5.665GHz (6.5MHz Audio), 10.315GHz.<br />
Digital Input: 1.280GHz - 4Ms, MPEG-2 FEC:Auto PMT:4095 V:256 A:257.<br />
<br />
Primary Digital Output: 3.406GHz 2Ms, MPEG-2 FEC:7/8 PMT:4095 V:256 A:257.<br />
Secondary Analogue Outputs: 2.440GHz, 10.065GHz.<br />
<br />
Live video is streamed from 9cm output by M0DTS - 28km from the repeater using an indoor antenna.<br />
144.750 audio currently off.<br />
Operating hours 11:30-23:30.<br />
=== GB3LX ===
TX 10240 MHz FM ATV
RX 10425 MHz FM ATV
Last updated 29 Sep 2019
=== GB3NV ===
GB3NV is the 9cm TV repeater for central Norwich.<br />
Output (digital): 3406 MHz sr2000 ks/s<br />
Input (digital):  437 MHz sr2000 ks/s PIDs auto detected by rx<br />
Full details here: https://forum.batc.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=4726&p=11191
=== GB3TM ===
GB3TM is the 23cm TV repeater for the Isle of Anglesey and North Wales coastal areas.<br />
Output (digital): 1316 MHz sr4700 ks/s<br />
Input (analogue): 1249 MHz<br />
Input (digital):  437 MHz sr2000 ks/s PIDs auto detected by rx<br />
For more details please visit [http://www.arfon.info Arfon Repeater Group].<br />
=== GB3TN ===
GB3TN is the 23cm TV repeater located in central Norfolk.<br />
Output (analogue): 1316 MHz <br />
Input (analogue): 1249 MHz <br />
Input (digital):  437 MHz sr2000 ks/s PIDs auto detected by rx<br />
GB3UD is an ATV repeater situated at Mow Cop, Staffordshire IO83VC.<br />
Output Digital @ 1318.5 Mhz @4MS/s VID 162 - PMT 32 - AUDIO 88 - FEC 1/2.<br />
Input (Analogue and Digital) 1249 MHz. <br />
=== GB3UT ===
Bath University
Analogue Input frequency = 1249.0MHz Analogue Output frequency = 1311.5MHz
Digital input also available on 1249.00MHz @ 4MS/s with a fec of 3/4
=== GB3YT ===
GB3YT is the 23cm TV Repeater located in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.<br />
23cm Digital input frequency = 1276MHz (QPSK): SR = 4Ms/s : FEC = 1,2<br />
70cm Digital input frequency = 437Mhz :  SR = 2Ms/s  : FEC = 1,2<br />
Analogue input frequency = 1276MHz (FM) : Audio 6MHz<br />
Digital only output = 1316MHz : SR = 4Ms/s<br />
Talkback on 2m = 144.750MHz (CTCSS 118.8Hz)<br />
During QSO, Main audio on Left channel, 2m talkback on Right audio channel.<br />
Full details and latest news at [http://www.gb3yt.co.uk GB3YT Website]<br />
=== GB3VL ===
TX: 1310 MHz, 4MS DATV.  RX 1270 MHz FM and 1280 MHz 2MS DATV.
Last updated 29 Sep 2019
=== GB3ZZ ===
Filton, north Bristol.
Transmits digital ATV on 1316MHz and accepts DATV or FM input on 1249MHz and DATV input on 437MHz.

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There are over 30 active ATV repeaters in the UK and the current status and operating frequencies can be found on the RSGB ETCC TV list

Here are 2 printable .pdf maps of TV Repeaters in the North and South of England: Repeaters North, Repeaters South. These can be printed double-sided, landscape, flipped on the short edge.

You can watch most UK ATV repeaters on the BATC video streaming service.


All repeaters have a seperate page which the group can now edit to add information.