Winter Hill receiver project

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Winter Hill

The Winter Hill receiver project by Brian G4EWJ uses the BATC Advanced receiver hardware.

The software will run on the Raspberry Pi4 desktop environment providing a multi-channel receiver capable of receiving up to four channels simultaneously.


December 2020 - Currently the project is at the design phase with a proof of concept receiver working on breadboard hardware.

February 2021 - beta testing in progress

March 2021 - First PCBs expected


The PCB design by Mike G0MJW is based on a completely new concept, BATC Advanced DATV Receiver, supporting two SERIT tuners with an integrated Raspberry PI4 and PICs. No USB module is required. This supports 4 simultaneous receivers in either a set top box mode, with the PI desktop, or headless, or a combination of these.

Version 0.1

Feasibility design which was worked fine

Version 0.2

A prototype that was also built.

Version 1

First general release PCB - limited availability in January 2021. General release March 2021

Schematic is here:

BOM is here:



Hardware Build