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[[File:FIF1p1.pdf]]  FIF1 description<br />
[[File:FIF1p2.pdf]]  FIF1 pcb layout<br />
[[File:FIF1p3.pdf]]  FIF1 component list

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During the 1980's, Wood & Douglas produced a range of 1.3GHz FM TV equipment that gave many amateurs their first taste of microwave ATV operation.


The VIDIF was an FM TV demodulator board with an IF input of 50MHz. Separate boards were required for video de-emphasis and the sound sub-carrier.

File:VIDIFp1.pdf VIDIF descriptive text

File:VIDIFp2.pdf VIDIF circuit diagram & pcb layout

File:VIDIFp3.pdf VIDIF component list


The VP/D1 was a dual function board for video pre-emphasis (for transmission use) or de-emphasis (for reception use). Links select which function is enabled. The addition of these simple boards made a big improvement to picture quality (1-2 picture grades).

File:VPD1p1.pdf VP/D1 circuit diagram & pcb layout
File:VPD1p2.pdf Emphasis characteristic curves


The FIF1 was a 6MHz sound sub-carrier reception board to go with the VIDIF board above.

File:FIF1p1.pdf FIF1 description
File:FIF1p2.pdf FIF1 pcb layout
File:FIF1p3.pdf FIF1 component list