Wood & Douglas FM TV equipment

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During the 1980's, Wood & Douglas produced a range of 1.3GHz FM TV equipment that gave many amateurs their first taste of microwave ATV operation. Many of their products are described in their 1984 Catalogue: Media:1984 WD Catalogue.pdf


The VIDIF was an FM TV demodulator board with an IF input of 50MHz. Separate boards were required for video de-emphasis (VP/D1) and the sound sub-carrier (FIF1).

VIDIF descriptive text
VIDIF circuit diagram & pcb layout
VIDIF component list


The VP/D1 was a dual function board for video pre-emphasis (for transmission use) or de-emphasis (for reception use). Links select which function is enabled. The addition of these simple boards made a big improvement to picture quality (1-2 picture grades).

VP/D1 circuit diagram & pcb layout
Emphasis characteristic curves


The FIF1 was a 6MHz sound sub-carrier reception board to go with the VIDIF board above.

FIF1 description
FIF1 pcb layout
FIF1 component list


The 1250DC50 was a tunable downconverter that tuned the entire 1.3GHz band down to an IF of 50MHz. Unlike most W&D equipment, this item was only available as a factory assembled and boxed item.
1250DC50 description
1250DC50 connections
1250DC50 circuit diagram
1250DC50 pcb layout
1250DC50 alignment instructions


The WDV400/1200 was a 10W in, 4W out, 420 MHz to 1260 MHz Varactor Tripler. This item was only available as a factory assembled and boxed item.
WDV400/1200 description and circuit