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This section of the BATC wiki is a directory of sites suitable for portable microwave and ATV operation. The idea is to list the height, the good and bad take off direction, Mobile data coverage, whether the site is accessible using a vehicle, facilities on-site and if there are nearby transmitters likely to cause interference.

Each site has a link to its entry in the heywhatsthat site profiling website. This enables you to see the exact location of the site and view the panorama from the site. By clicking on another point on the map it will show view the path profile to that location - by clicking on "parameters" just below the profile you can enter the RF frequency you are interested in and get a path loss profile between the 2 sites.

Please add any sites you know about to both the wiki and the Heywhatsthat.

This is a handy site for finding locators to 8 character accuracy. The magnification arrows do not seem to work. You have to use the mouse wheel.

To add another site to the wiki you need to be logged in - then edit the list on this page to add the new site by adding the site name in the correct area. Then highlight the site name and click on the link symbol, insert link and save the page. Your new site name should be on the list - go to the site template page, click edit and copy the text. Return to this page and click on your new site in the list - paste the template text and add the site details. Don't forget to add a link to the heywhatsthat page for the site and make sure you put in an antennae height of 15ft when making the site panorama.

We started to build a Google map showing location of sites but not sure if this has any value if we use heywhatsthat - comments on the BATC forum please.

Scotland and IoM

NI and Eire

North East England

Garriby Hill

North West England and North Wales

Winter Hill

Holme Moss

Rhosesmor - North Wales

The Midlands and East Anglia

Merriton Low

Southern England and South Wales

Bloringe Mountain South Wales

Walbury Hill near Newbury Berks

Mendip Hills - south of Bristol

Lulworth Ranges - Povington Hill south of Wareham in Dorset

Lulworth Ranges - Grange Hill south of Wareham in Dorset

Butser Hill near Petersfield, Hants

Dunkery Beacon near Minehead in Somerset

Dunstable Downs Bedfordshire

The Ridgeway near Didcot

Cleeve Common near Cheltenham

Coombe Beacon near Taunton