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The 23cms band is the most commonly used band for ATV.

Frequency allocations

The UK allocation is from 1240 MHz to 1325 MHz and common ATV usage is as follows:

  • 1248 - 1249 MHz = repeater inputs
  • 1255 MHz = simplex
  • 1275 MHz = simplex or alternative repeater input as determined by the CAA (primary user).
  • 1300 - 1325 MHz = repeater outputs

For details of current 23cms ATV repeaters see https://www.ukrepeater.net/tvr.htm?filter1=23cm

For 23cms UK bandplan see https://rsgb.org/main/operating/band-plans/

For other 23cms information see the UK Microwave Group wiki page.

23cms equipment

23cms FM ATV equipment

The most commonly used FM ATV was made by Comtech - see this page for more details: https://wiki.batc.org.uk/Comtech_module

During the 1980's, Wood & Douglas produced a range of 1.3GHz FM TV equipment that gave many amateurs their first taste of microwave ATV operation. See this page for more details: https://wiki.batc.org.uk/Wood_%26_Douglas_FM_TV_equipment

The Solent range of ATV equipment was sold by the Worthing repeater group in the 1990s. See https://wiki.batc.org.uk/Solent_ATV_units

Hans Beukinga makes and sells 23cm and 13cm FM ATV gear.

Wayne at Mini-kits in Australia sells a range of FM ATV kits

Ken G4BVK ran Aztex Electronics. Dave G7MEG discovered a tranmitter, amp and pre-amp in his cupboard in this forum post.

23cms DATV equipmemt

The BATC Portsdown project covers 23cms - see https://wiki.batc.org.uk/Portsdown_Transmitter_User_guide

23cms Power amplifiers

For 23cms Power amplifier designs see https://wiki.batc.org.uk/23cms_amplifiers

23cms Filter designs

For details on filters for 23cms see https://wiki.batc.org.uk/23cms_filters

23cms antennaes

For details on antennaes for 23cms see https://wiki.batc.org.uk/23cms_antennaes