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To receive Es'hail-2 at 26°E you can use standard satellite LNBs. These can also be modified. (Note there are other standards and new wideband LNBs. We are talking about traditional ones available in 2019). This is intended to be a basic guide, there are more details and information on how to modify equipment to greatly improve performance is available on this page

Aligning your dish

Now Oscar 100 is "on air" the advice about aligning your dish on BADR4 etc can be used alongside aligning the dish on the narrow band transponder.

Narrow band transponder

Use some SDR hardware (and a £10 RTL dongle will do) and something like the SDRconsole or SDR# programs set for 1 MHz bandwidth centered on 739 / 740MHz. Supply 12v to the LNB and look for a bump of around 500 kHz bandwidth.

This is the easiest way as there are no other signals in that band, set the elevation to ~ 26 degrees and gently scan across in Azimuth until you see the bump.

Aligning for DATV

The easiest way to align your dish for TVis to follow the guide below - note the BADR4 transponder containg BBC Arabic is Horizontal and requires 18v to the LNB - same as the Oscar 100 WB transponder - can be received on a MiniTiouner by tuning to 2246MHz and 27500 SR.

You can then use the TV beacon to tweak for maximum signal - the types of MER you should receive depending on dish size are listed on the bottom of this page:

Step by step guide

The original step by step guide to setting up and aligning your dish to receive Es'hail-2 appeared in CQ-TV 261 contains good advice on setting up your dish and the direction of satellite and is available for download here: Getting ready for Es'hail-2

More details on LNBs, including modifying the Octagon units for external lock can be found here: Es'hail-2_LNBs_and_Antennaes

Receiving Oscar 100 DATV signal

A guide to receiving the DATV signals in the wideband transponder can be found here Receiving Oscar 100 DATV signals

Transmitting DATV on Oscar 100

A guide to transmitting DATV in the wideband transponder can be found here Transmitting Oscar 100 DATV signals