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GB3ZZ has returned to action after losing its original site last year

Although the move was just across the car park, the aerials are now lower than before and closer to nearby houses. Early tests suggest the signals are down in certain directions but more work needs to be done to verify this. Any reports are most welcome.

Because of the cost of electricity ZZ is now operating as a "part time repeater" (0900-2100 GMT; 1000-2200 BST)

Locator: IO81RM

Location: Filton, north Bristol

OUTPUT - 1316MHz DVB-S 4Ms/s MPEG2 FEC1/2 dual channel multiplex

23cm inputs 1249MHz DVB-S 4M/s H262 and 1249MHz DVB-S/S2, 2Ms, 1Ms or 333ks, H262/H264/H265

Inputs & output horizontally polarised

BATC stream: Reboots 0800 and 1600 (GMT)

Website: Keeper G1IXF (Ivor)

Talkback on 144.750 MHz