September 2019 BATC Low Band Contest

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BATC Low Band Contest Rules

1. The transmissions must only take place in allocated amateur bands above 50 MHz and below 440 MHz and must be in accordance with the RSGB Bandplan.

2. Transmissions must not cause undue interference to other spectrum users.

3. As a general principle, the IARU ATV Contest rules apply: The multiplier for all bands is 2 points per km for 2-way contacts.

4. A valid contact will include the transmission and successful reception of a 4 digit code sent by video only. A report on the transmission must be returned to the transmitting station by means of amateur radio.

5. The contact must take place after 1200 UTC on Saturday 14 September 2019 and before 1800 UTC on Sunday 15 September 2019.

6. The contact may be one-way or 2-way

7. Entries must be submitted to using the standard Contest spreadsheet here: File:Low-Band-ATV-contest-log-callsign-20190914.xls . 50 MHz contacts should be logged in the 6 cm (think 6m) tab.