Technical topics for ATV repeater builders

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This is a collection of articles designed specifically with the ATV repeater builder in mind.


File:SL30 lock detect.pdf - How to obtain a lock indication from the Comag SL30 receiver.



The BATC Repeater Controller was initially designed for use by GB3HV, but can be adapted for use in any repeater system where digital end to end video and audio switching controlled by a Raspberry Pi is required. See Repeater Controller


Repeater aerials are difficult as they need to be horizontal omni!


G8GTZ built the VHF comms Big wheel or clover leaf design made out of 8mm copper brake pipe for GB3HV

VHF Comms 2-94 article.jpg

VHF Comms 2-94.jpg



IMG 0686.JPG

Other designs available are:

And you can buy one, which is what the ZZ team did

IMG 0619.JPG


ID Elektronik GMBH make some amazing filters and duplexers for 23cms and above - you can't build them for the price.