UK ATV repeaters

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There are over 30 active ATV repeaters in the UK and the current status and operating frequencies can be found on the RSGB ETCC TV list

You can watch most UK ATV repeaters on the BATC video streaming service.

To add your repeater to this page, simply add a description, preferably in alphabetic order.


GB3AT is the new 10 GHz TV repeater project on the Isle of Wight at IO90IR.

Currently testing as G8MBU's personal beacon

Output (analogue): 10235 MHz FM ATV


GB3ET is the new 23cms TV repeater at Edge Hill near Warwick


GB3FT is the new 23cms TV repeater for Blackpool and surrounding area.


GB3HV is the 3.4 GHz output repeater located near Farnham in Surrey. For more details visit our website.


GB3TM is the 23cm TV repeater for the Isle of Anglesey and North Wales coastal areas.
Output (digital): 1316 MHz sr4700 ks/s
Input (analogue): 1249 MHz
Input (digital): 437 MHz sr2000 ks/s PIDs auto detected by rx
For more details please visit Arfon Repeater Group.