2022 Activity Weekends

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The BATC is holding twelve Activity Weekends, spaced at four week (+/-) intervals during 2022. The Weekends are aligned with the IARU contest in June and the Veron Activity Weekends that our Dutch friends are holding in March, June, September and December.

For 2022, the weekends will focus on three groups of bands on a repeating rota. Starting with January, the focus will be on 70cms. In February the 2m, 4m and 6m bands will be used, followed by March with 23cms and higher bands. That will then repeat for subsequent months in the same order, with June being skipped as that is the all-band IARU contest weekend. To ensure that all stations can get some activity, optionally 23cms can be used on every Activity Weekend during 2022.

Here is the calendar:

Weekend no. Date Bands
1 15th & 16th January 2022 70cms + 23cms
2 12th & 13th February 2022 2m & down + 23cms
3 12th & 13th March 2022 23cms & up
4 9th & 10th April 2022 70cms + 23cms
5 14th & 15th May 2022 2m & down + 23cms
6 11th & 12th June 2022 IARU Region 1 ATV Contest
7 9th & 10th July 2022 23cms & up
8 13th & 14th August 2022 70cms + 23cms
9 10th & 11th September 2022 2m & down + 23cms
10 8th & 9th October 2022 23cms & up
11 12th & 13th November 2022 70cms + 23cms
12 10th & 11th December 2m & down + 23cms

As usual, there are no set times for operating, although you should be aware that stations taking part in the Veron Activity Weekends operate from Saturday 12:00 UTC until Sunday 18:00 UTC.
Please try to make use of the DXSpot.TV website to find activity. The Dutch ATV stations have used it more than British ATVers clearly showing it helps to find ATV activity and set up contacts. The website is here: DxSpot.TV and is easy to use.