ARISS Digital Communication System

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A team from the BATC and AMSAT-UK are developing a next-generation "Digital Communication System" for the ARISS suite of equipment on the ISS. Experience gained from the technologies involved will inform the choice of technologies for future Amateur payloads on Lunar missions.

The project is being run in a number of phases:

  • Phase 0 was a simple demonstration to the ARISS International Meeting in Noordwijk NL on 18 - 20 April 2023. Full details are available in CQ-TV 280 pp 10 - 12.
  • Phase 1 is the demonstration that our proposed hardware can achieve the spectral purity required for installation on the ISS. The target date for completion of this phase is 1 December 2023.
  • Phase 2 is the exhibition and demonstration of the proposed hardware modules at the ARISS 40th Anniversary Meeting in February 2024 in the USA.

Subsequent phases will involve delivery of hardware designs and software builds to the ARISS US team for assembly into enclosures for certification for flight on the ISS.

Documentation for the project will be published on pages linked from here.