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The BATC Shop

The BATC Online shop is here:-

You can use it to buy membership and renew your membership (make sure you are logged in first to renew or you will buy a new membership!).

You can also purchase hardware which is only available to members such as PCBs, Components, Modules & Chips.

To make a purchase follow these easy steps

Log in to the BATC web shop, go to shop on the main menu and choose the category you wish to shop in.


Select the product you require and click add to basket - you can then add more items to you basket.


When you have selected all the products you require click view basket - this will show the selected items plus and delivery charges.

Shop 3.JPG

Click proceed to checkout

Shop 4a.JPG

Check your personal details are correct on the the top of the page, including delivery address

Shop 4c.JPG

Don't forget to tick you agree to our terms and condition - if not you will get this error amessage at the top of the page.

Shop 4b1.JPG

By default it will select paypal or credit card as the payment method - if you wish to pay by these methods click proceed to Paypal.  
See below if you wish to pay by BACs or cheque.

Shop 5.JPG

Paypal or card payment - If you select Pay[al or credit card, the paypal page will open - if you wish to pay by Paypal, select login and it will take you to the Paypal payment page.  
If you wish to pay by card select "Pay by debit or credit card" and you will be taken to a Paypal guest checkout page - you do not need a paypal account.

Shop 4b.JPG

Payment by BACs If you wish to pay by BACs, tck the box for BACs payment and note down the instructions on the page.  When you are ready, press Place order

Shop 4b2.JPG

Payment by cheque  If you wish to pay by cheque, tick the box to select either shop or membership and note down the instructions on the screen and when ready press place order.

Shop 9.JPG

Irrespective of your method of payment, when the order is placed you will be taken to this screen confirming your order has been placed.  

You will also receive an email saying your order has been placed and awaiting payment. As soon as payment is received, either from Paypal or the BACs transfer or your cheque has been received, you will receive another email and we will process your order. Finally you will receive another email when we have dispatched your order.


You can review your orders at anytime by going to "my membership summary / account dashboard".