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Videos of all the CAT18 talks are on the BATC Youtube channel YouTube here


Saturday Afternoon

Portsdown Update File:20180915 Portsdown Update G8GKQ.pdf

Contests Update File:Contests @ CAT18.pdf

Activity - 5.6GHz G8GTZ File:CAT18 5.6 GHz.pdf

Activity - 5.6GHz G4EWJ File:G4EWJ CAT18 6cm ATV v3.pdf

Activity - 71MHz G8VPG File:4m RBDATV.pdf

DATV over optical links - G4HJW File:Optical CAT18.pdf

Sunday Morning

Outside broadcasts and MCR21 - File:OB pres cat18.pdf

HamTV & Es'hail-2 updates - M0XTD/M0MNY/G3VZV File:cat18 - ATV in Space.pdf

Es'hail-2 Spectrum Monitor - G8GKQ File:20180916 Eshail2 Spectrum Monitor G8GKQ.pdf

The future - G4GUO File:G4GUO CAT18.pdf

2018 GM

BGM meeting and chairman's review File:BATC BGM – 2018.pdf

Draft minutes of the meeting are available here