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The Comtech modules sold initially by G1MFG are probably the most common analogue ATV equipment in use in the UK.

23cms and 13cms modules are still available from Roy G8CKN - email "antennas at" for more details.


There are numerous modifications to improve the video quality of the basic Comtech modules:

Alternatively the Solent receiver included some excellent video backend processing which can be used to improve Comtech by taking the baseband feed out of the tuner via a 68 ohm resistor directly in to this circuit (ignore TR3a and TR3C as not relevant to this application):

Solent Video processing circuit

Manuals and documentation:



ENG and Microwave

10 GHz

G1MFG Software

The 16F628 PIC hex software used in the G1MFG Comtech Modules sold for 23 cm, 13 cm and ENG (TX and RX) is in this zip file:

The LCD Controller hex software for these modules (also using the 16F628) is here

Other Software

Hexcode for Comtech PIC from I2SDD is available here