Config File Error Messages

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If there is an error in the Configuration files stored on the Portsdown SD Card, or one of the configuation files is missing, an error message will appear on the Portsdown Screen.

File-error-message.jpg Param-error-message.jpg

To correct the error, there are 2 or 3 options:

  • A factory reset can be performed to rewrite the configuration files. If the touch screen is still operating, the factory reset can be initiated from Menu 3, System Config, Restore Factory. If not, log in by ssh, type menu and press enter. Then down-arrow to System 2, press enter and then down-arrow to Factory Settings and press enter.
  • The file can be manually corrected using a text editor.
  • Sometimes the erroneous entry can be corrected from one of the Portsdown Menus.

If a different error occurs and an attempt is made to save a configuration parameter to the SD Card without a value set, another similar error screen will be displayed, and the save aborted. Simply try again with a valid value.