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The DVB-S Demod-GUI program is written by Marcell Kroner to receive and decode DVB-S and DVB-S2 signals. Hardware supported includes LimeSDR, Pluto and the £10 RTL SDR dongle.

Demod-GUI specifications

The program will receive and demodulate DVB-S and DVB-S2 signals with a maximum symbol rate of and minimum rate of....

PC requirements

Due to the processing required to receive and demodulate DVB-S and S2 a reasonable spec PC is reguired. The follow is the minimum specification recommended:

  • processor =
  • Memory =
  • SSD drive

OS requirements

The program will run under Windows 10.....

SDR hardware supported

The program supports the following hardware:

  • LimeSDR
  • Pluto
  • RTL Dongle


The program can be downloaded from....

Install the program by running the exe?

Plug in the SDR hardware before running the program.

Running Demod-GUI for the first time

When first running the program, the following screen will be shown....

M0mux 3.png

First select the...

Setting frequency

Setting SR and FEC

Decoding signals