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It is sometimes useful to have a direct URL for a recording in the BATC archive - for the purposes of this example, I'm going to find the URL for the recording of the University of Southampton Cubesat Presentation at the AMSAT-UK Colloquim 2014.

Step 1: Navigate to the Recording through the normal 'Category' and 'Stream' Dropdowns

Remember that you have do have to click the "Select ..." buttons after selecting the relevant entry in each dropdown menu.

Step 2: View the HTML source of the page

In chrome or firefox, right-click and 'View Page Source'. Or press Ctrl+U.

Step 3: Find the integer 'value' for the Recording you want

You are looking for lots of options, with numbers for values, one of which you have selected in the browser, eg.

<option value="1342" >AMSAT 2014 01 vrspace</option>
<option value="1343" >AMSAT 2014 02 FUNcube</option>
<option value="1344" >AMSAT 2014 03 LithuaniaSat</option>
<option value="1349" selected="selected" >AMSAT 2014 04 SouthamptonCubeSat</option>
<option value="1346" >AMSAT 2014 05 ARRL</option>
<option value="1360" >AMSAT 2014 06 ISEE</option>
<option value="1356" >AMSAT 2014 07 EARS</option>


It can be seen above that the stream id that we want is: 1349

Step 4: Create the video url with the stream id

The stream id from the previous step should be appended on to

So in this example, the resulting URL/link is: