EMF Compliance

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Information about EMF Compliance for operation on 1296 MHz and below can be found here: https://rsgb.services/public/publications/emc/PAEC-2_VHF-UHF_Beams_V1p0_2021-09-22.pdf.

Work is ongoing to provide comprehensive EMF Compliance guidelines for Microwave and ATV Operation. Initial guidance developed by a joint team of Peter G4DSE, Ian GM3SEK, the UK Microwave Group and the BATC can be found here: Media:PreliminaryInfov20211122.pdf. The initial guidance covers some typical QO-100 and terrestrial microwave transmission scenmarios.

A Forum topic has been set up for discussion of EMF Compliance at Microwaves here https://forum.batc.org.uk/viewforum.php?f=138