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EMF 2024 is now over. A great time had by all. See you in 2026???

The Electromagnetic Field is a non-profit camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers. Electromagnetic Field 2024 will be held on 30 May–2 June 2024 at Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Eastnor, Ledbury.

AMSAT-UK, BATC & UKuG are setting up a 'village' that will host a variety of demonstrations and presentations during the weekend.

AMSAT-UK Represents the amateur satellite community in the UK whose members not only operate amateur satellites but also help to design, build and fund them.

BATC The British Amateur Television Club (BATC) actively promotes the hobby of Amateur Television and covers all aspects of Television from making and editing programmes to transmitting television on the amateur radio bands. During EMF Camp, presentations will be given on the subjects, in addition to making video contacts via the QO-100 geostationary satellite. operations.

UKuG The UK Microwave Group is the body who represent Amateur activities and developments in the high UHF and microwave parts of the radio spectrum.

There is a wide cross-over in the activities and interests of these three groups. And regularly work together to further the many projects and issues that affect Amateur Radio in the UK. At EMF-2024 these three organisations will be demonstrating various aspects of the hobby. Including low earth orbiting and geostationary satellite communications and possibly deep space reception. Microwave contest operation. Digital television via terrestrial links and via the QO100 transponder, aboard a geostationary satellite. And a random selection of other interests, which members would like to showcase.

GB4EMF Amateur Radio Special Event callsign during EMF for all contacts.

G0AUK The AMSAT-UK (Club) callsign will also be in use.

The group would like to express it's thanks to

for a grants and donations towards the funding of the Marquee and associated items.


If you want your name added to the list but don't want to edit the wiki, give Dave Johnson (secretary at amsat-uk.org) a shout.

On-site coordination: 144.750MHz, 432.750MHz, bring an H/T! Also an onsite 2mtr repeater, GB3IF. 145.5875MHz output -1MHz input 118hz ctcss.

There is a Whatsapp group. Contact Jules or Paul (EYT) if you would like to join.

Name Callsign Ticket Arrival Departure Bringing
Dave Johnson G4DPZ yes Friday Sunday GB4EMF callsign (we can use G0AUK too), QO-100 Khune GS & 90cm Dish, complete LEO GS, LoRa TinyGS, 433/868 Lora GS for HAPS, Starlink and Switch, large mains extension
Phil Crump + 1 M0DNY yes BATC Blue Gazebo (photo link, 6m x 3m with sides)

Mini-fridge, gas stove. QO-100 DATV Uplink Chain (BATC Streaming PC, Modulator, PA) Portable HamTV groundstation. 3x 50m network cabling. Some mains extensions.

Jason Flynn + G7OCD yes Campervan
Jules Smith + Shona G0NZO



+ yes


for setup

Monday Mains cabling (16A 5-way dist + misc 13A), mech toolbox, soldering iron, Long ETH cable & breakouts for POTS. 2x 6ft folding tables.

Small 240V fridge, gas stove, 240V kettle, water carrier (~10L), washing up bowl, microwave oven, 5mtr 240V festoon lamp string. POTS/DECT phones and fax. Portsdown with PAs for 146&432MHz. Small pole mast and antennas. 2mtr repeater stack GB3IF.

Iain Young G7III yes
John Cariss G7ACD yes Wed

for setup

Gas stove, 2.4m prime dish. 1mtr dish for QO100 NB, possibly pettalised 1mtr dish for L band.
Dave Akerman M0RPI yes Thursday Monday Probably will be in my campervan in which case I'll have a fridge that can be used. Will also bring a portable fridge. Can also bring gas stoves (3) + gas. I'll also bring long CAT6 leads, 16A --> 4-way lead.
Paul Marsh

+ Oscar

M0EYT yes

+ yes

2.4GHz DATV TX, 1200bd packet system, POTS/Fax. Possibly station for 23cm (Sunday contest). Possibly 2.4mtr mesh dish.
Phil Ashby M6IPX yes
John Alexander M0XJA yes
Heather &

Paul Nickalls



Wouter Weggelaar PA3WEG yes
Tim Clark MW0RUD yes
Philip Heron M0VIM yes Friday Sunday hackrf

NB: label your stuff folks!

Village Setup

Location of village

  • 6x6m Marquee with flooring, tables (x10), chairs (x20) for stations, workshops, demonstrations. Includes interior lighting and power strip. [Rented from EMF]
  • 3x6mtr gazebo for general use [M0DNY].
  • Kettles, small 240v fridge, catinary lighting. 2x 6ft tables. [G0NZO]
  • Poss dish for L band monitoring? [G7ACD]
  • 1m dish on ground mount, POTTY feed. QO100 narrow band [G7ACD]
  • 2.4m Dish for QO-100 WB DATV uplink [G7ACD, via small cargo trailer]. DATV TX + feed [M0EYT]
  • 2.4m Dish for other misc playing [M0EYT]
  • LEO GS (G4DPZ)
  • Pole mast for 23cm station, 2mtr repeater and misc other uses.
  • 2mtr onsite repeater. In collaboration with ECHQ village.
  • QO-100 COTS GS (G4DPZ)
  • Starlink and network (G4DPZ)

Village Happenings

TBD: as we sort out a plan around the main EMF schedule! Will include some talks on what AMSAT/BATC/UKuG do and how, live TV transmissions via QO-100 geostationary satellite...

Activity Organiser Confirmed Time Description
QO100 DATV TBA Continuous Demonstrating uplinking digital Amateur Television, through the AMSAT transponder aboard the geostationary Es'hail satellite.
QO100 Narrow Band


TBA Continuous We will have a smaller dish setup for SSB voice comms, and anything else anyone wants to play with.
Microwave contest G0NZO Sunday Hope to run a small microwave (1296MHz) station during the national low bands contest. We will not be competing, just generating some activity on the band and giving points away to other stations using one of the event callsigns.
Terrestrial DATV G0NZO Continuous Hope to set up a VHF or UHF digital television link across site, partnering with the EMV-Hams village, at the other side of the site. Probably 146MHz (NoV area)
Second dish ? G7ACD Continuous L band mpnitoring ?
LEO Satellite G4DPZ TBA Depends upon QRM generated on site, May be limited to UHF operation
Talks program Various TBA Various talks have been offered to the orga. Details here and on main timetable when confirmed.

Our Event Flyer

If you didn't get a chance to get your hands on our flyer it can be downloaded here File:Welcome to our Village.docx

QO-100 satellite dish bearing