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During the 1980's, Fortop produced a range of ATV equipment. Two of their early price lists/catalogue listings are here:

Fortop Price Lists

TVT437 ATV Transmitter

The TVT437 was a 250mW 70cm AM ATV Transmitter. The full specification, assembly instructions and circuit diagram are here.

Fortop TVT437 Information

TVT435 ATV Transmitter

The TVT435 was a boxed 15W 70cm AM ATV Transmitter. It included a TVT437 and a TVPA435 in a single die-cast box with aerial changeover. The specification is here.

Fortop TVT435 Specification

TVL435-20 ATV Power Amplifier

The TVL435-20 was a 15W 70cm AM ATV Power Amplifier. The specification is here.

Fortop TVL435-20 Specifcation

TVD100 Video Demodulator

The TVD100 was an AM Video demodulator for 70cm Transmitters. The specification is here.

Fortop TVD100 Specification