GB3CT - Caistor IO93UM

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TX: 3404Mhz DVB-S2 1M/s - 2/3 FEC

70cm RX: 437MHz 333k/s - 1M/s - 2M/s

13cm RX: 2335MHz Analogue FM & 2335MHz Digital 333Ks / 1Ms / 2Ms / 4Ms Note: This is a shared input and the default is digital switching to analogue when valid sync is detected on 2335Mhz FM.

6cm RX: 5665MHz Analogue (HORIZONTAL)

3cm RX: 10.425GHz Analogue

2x Skype inputs (GB3CT1 & GB3CT2) are provided which will require you to pre-register once only by Emailing your amateur radio licence document to This is required as your Skype video will be transmitted on GB3CT's 3404Mhz output. Once registered, your Skype ID will be added to the authorised users list and the Skype interfaces will automatically answer your video call. Once answered, the skype interfaces use video motion detection to switch the repeater logic, so it is important that you provide some motion on your Skype video at least once every 30 seconds. Failure to do so will cause the repeater to close down the input until further video motion is detected. You will continue to keep the Skype input until you hang up your call, so it is important to remember to terminate the call when done.

You can use the Skype inputs to test your RF access to GB3CT at real time rather than the BATC Web stream which can have a substantial delay in excess of 20 seconds.

Caistor Top, Lincolnshire -IO93UM