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Located in Kirk Merrington, County Durham, IO94EQ - 200mAsl.

Analogue Inputs: 1.280GHz, 2.328GHz, 5.665GHz (6.5MHz Audio), 10.315GHz.

Digital Input: 1.280GHz - 4Ms, MPEG-2 FEC:Auto PMT:4095 V:256 A:257.

Primary Digital Output: 3.406GHz 2Ms, MPEG-2 FEC:7/8 PMT:4095 V:256 A:257.

Secondary Analogue Outputs: 2.440GHz, 10.065GHz.

Live video is streamed from 9cm output by M0DTS - 28km from the repeater using an indoor antenna.

144.750 audio currently off.

Operating hours 11:30-23:30.