IARU ATV contest 2021 Rules and Entry Form

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The IARU Region 1 ATV Contest will go ahead on the weekend of 12/13 June 2021. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis not all participants will be able to reach their portable sites, and some may feel that they are at a disadvantage in only being able to operate from home due to National restrictions.

To address these concerns, as for last year, the contest will be run with 2 sections:

Section 1 will be for participants operating from their registered home QTH. No change of operating location will be permitted during the contest for entries in this Section.

Section 2 will be for participants operating away from their registered home QTH at any time during the contest. So, even if you operate from home on one day and a portable location on the second day, if you want to add the scores under the rover rule, you must enter Section 2.

Apart from these changes, the rules are as stated in the IARU-R1 VHF Handbook V9.01. An extract can be found here: Media:VHF_Handbook_V9.01_ATV_Contest_Rules.pdf

Please use the normal entry spreadsheet File:ATV-contest-log-callsign-20210612.xls and remember to select the correct Section on the Summary page. Entries should be submitted to National Coordinators or atv@iaru-r1.org before Monday 28 June.

Dave, G8GKQ, IARU Region 1 ATV Contest Coordinator.