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The MiniTiouner has been developed and designed by Jean-Pierre F6DZP. This is a DVB-S/S2 receiver and a measurement tool that works with the software "Minitioune"

Original schematics are here :

Schema Minitiouner Sharp .jpg

Several MiniTiouners has been created in different countries. For the BATC, a MiniTiouner pcb has been created by Brian G4EWJ

The MiniTiouner hardware is designed for home construction - this zip file contains all the project documentation:

File:MTK1 Instructions v1-9, Parts v5, Overlay, Schematic

Colin G4KLB has done an excellent video on constructing the MiniTiouner:

We can use different kind of NIM ( Network Interface Module)

 these NIMs must have STMicroelectronics chips
          zero tuner chip can be : STB6100, STV6110, STV6111, STV6120
          demodulator chip : STV0903, STV0913, STV0910
 NIMs that can be used:
 * Eardatek EDS-4B47FF1B+
 * Sharp F7VZ0169
 * Samsung DNBU10711IST
 * Samsung DNBU10512IST
 * LG TDQX-S001F
 * Serit SP2246
 * Serit FTS-4335
The NIM Serit FTS-4335 has a different pins configuration (40pins, not 26 pins) , so an adapter for "old pcbs" has been designed by Brian G4EWJ

When you have built your MiniTiouner, you can check it using the software "TestMyMiniTiouner" included in the Minitioune software package.