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OpenTuner Windows software for MiniTiouner hardware

Unfortunately, due to a family bereavement F6DZP is currently not developing the MiniTioune software – MiniTioune has become the go-to Windows software for DATV reception and the ATV community wishes Jean Pierre well for the future.

However, all is not lost as coincidently Tom ZS6RTG released the first version of his Windows OpenTuner software in March 2023 which uses the same standard MiniTiouner hardware. Tom has used the LongMynd receiver developed by M0MHO as the basis for this capability and his C# source code is published on his GitHub repository. Other users have already demonstrated that the software can be modified and recompiled.

The software has been developed primarily for use on QO-100 and includes a click and tune waterfall display and a window showing the QO-100 chat facility.



Features include Transport recording, a UDP output and the ability to customise the user interface in a foreign language. New features are being added every week. For non QO-100 use, tick disable QO-100 and then enter the frequency, LNB offset and symbol rate in the tuner control box and press change. Note for terrestrial use put 0000 in the LNB offset box.

Download and more information

For more details on the software and how to download it go to

There are already active discussions on the BATC forum – look there for answers to your questions: