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A few files for the PE4302 Variable attenuator controller project, the PE4302 is available built from ebay this project is to control it IMAG0862.jpg File:PE4302 Attenuator.pdf File:PE4302 LCD Schematic V1.1.pdf File:PE4302 LCD template.pdf File:PE4302 Schematic Vero 3V3 v11.pdf File:PE4302 Schematic Vero 5V v11.pdf File:PE4302 LCD PARTS.xls

The .hex file for people to download is here File:PE4302 Serial Controller V4.HEX

Below is a view of the lid removed to show DIP switches 1 and 2 are turned off, solder removed from pads J5 and J6 and added to J4 to ready the attenuator for serial control with the above project. Photo :- G4KLB


A video demonstrating the attenuator and controller is here.

Old versions of the MPLAB IDE software are best for simply loading a .hex file on a device (V8.91 of the MPLAB IDE is a disaster). Look for v3.00 or v3.35. Download and install one of these and use the IPE following the steps in Bas' video. This includes coping with the deficiencies of fake PICkit 3 programmers.