Portsdown 2018 Stretch Software

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The Portsdown 2018/2019 Stretch software is based on the Raspbian Stretch operating system which was released during 2017. The original Portsdown software was based on the Raspbian Jessie operating system which has now been superseded.

This software is required for the Raspberry Pi 3+ and works on the older Raspberry Pi 3. The previous Raspbian Jessie software will only work with the Raspberry Pi 3.

The latest release can be found here https://github.com/BritishAmateurTelevisionClub/portsdown News and comments can be found in this new topic on the Forum https://forum.batc.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=103&t=5864

Micro-SD cards with the latest software are available from the BATC Shop, and if you buy one of the cards you can skip the rest of this page and go straight to the initial setup section of the user guide.

Changes from the Original Portsdown Software

The main improvement is that the boot-up time has been significantly reduced, and the IP address is not displayed at start-up. Other recent improvements include:

  • After initial build, the software automatically reboots to the touchscreen and is ready to use without needing configuration from a PC.
  • Software updates can be initiated from the touchscreen (Menu 3).