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The Portsdown 4 can be configured, from the touchscreen, to use WiFi rather than a wired LAN connection. This feature was introduced in release 202204110.


  • Remember that WiFi may not be reliable if you are transmitting on 2.4 GHz (QO-100 or terrestrial) or 5.6 GHz.
  • WiFi RF pickup may cause interference on the Mic audio input or the audio outputs of the Portsdown.
  • It is only possible to configure and save one WiFi connection.
  • This dialogue cannot enable connection to hidden networks.
  • Be careful if using the Web Control over flaky WiFi. Results could be unpredictable.
  • Although possible, it is not recommended to perform Portsdown software updates over WiFi.



Access the WiFi Configuration Menu from Menu 3.

Reset WiFi

The Reset WiFi button deletes any current WiFi network information and then enables WiFi ready for a new network to be set up.

Enable WiFi

The Enable WiFi button enables the WiFi functionality. If no netork is configured, it allows networks to be found and configured If a network is already configured, a connection will be attempted.

Disable WiFi

The Disable WiFi button disables the WiFi interface but retains the network configuration information. If the WiFi is disabled, the "List WiFi Networks" and "Set-up WiFi Network" buttons are greyed out.

List WiFi Netorks

The List WiFi Netorks button displays a list of detected WiFi networks (after a pause). Up to 99 WiFi networks can be displayed with 10 shown on each page.

Set-up WiFi Network

The Set-up WiFi Network starts by displaying the list of WiFi networks available. Touching a Network name enables it to be highlighted. Press the select button and the Portsdown will request the network PassPhrase.

Enter the PassPhrase taking care to get the case and any punctuation exactly right. If you need special characters that are not available on the Portsdown keyboard, please post on the BATC Forum with details.

After pressing enter, the Portsdown will attempt to connect to the network.

If an existing network connection exists, it will be overwritten by any new connection set up.

Check WiFi Status

The Check WiFi Status button displays whether the WiFi is enabled and, if so, whether it is connected. The connection SSID and IP Address are displayed. Note that connections may not be established instantly after entering the network details.