Portsdown Contest Numbers

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The Portsdown Transmitter can generate a page with your callsign, contest numbers, locator and the band name for transmission either as a DATV signal or as a composite video output for an analogue transmitter.


To generate this page, simply select "Contest" from the video source menu, or from the Composite video source menu.


Before the contest, it is important that you correctly set the numbers for each band, as the pre-loaded numbers are invalid for use in the Contest. To do this, select "Menu 2" and then "Menu 3". The select "Set Band Details" and then the band that you want to change. Press Enter on the keyboard 5 times to get to the Contest Numbers entry page, and then adjust the numbers and press enter for a final time. Then repeat for each band that you will be using.

At this stage it is probably worth checking that you have the correct callsign entered (/P ?), and that the Locator is correct.