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Although I have a picture on my HDMI Monitor, I am not getting any sound.

Some HDMI monitors can be detected by the Raspberry Pi as DVI monitors. Add the line "hdmi_drive=2" to /boot/config.txt to force HDMI and reboot.

Everything seems to be working, except I only get "Locked No Video" on the screen, never a picture.

Make sure that you have the HDMI monitor plugged into the primary HDMI socket - that's the one nearest the USB-C power socket.

I need to use a Composite Video input monitor, not an HDMI monitor.

Select the display option that you want in the ssh Console Menu.

When I use a Composite Video Monitor, I lose some of the edges of the display.

Add the line "overscan_scale=1" to /boot/config.txt and reboot.

I can't save changes to /boot/config.txt

The file /boot/config.txt is owned by root, so you will need to use the command "sudo nano /boot/config.txt" to edit it.

I am losing the edge of the screen off my monitor.

Try adding the line overscan_scale=1 to /boot/config.txt. You will need to use the command sudo nano /boot/config.txt to do this.

After my Ryde has been waiting for a signal for a reasonable length of time, the display screen goes blank

Check the time-out (sleep?) settings on your HDMI display. The Ryde continues to output a (Not Locked) image for days on end.