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Although I have a picture on my HDMI Monitor, I am not getting any sound.

Some HDMI monitors can be detected by the Raspberry Pi as DVI monitors. Add the line "hdmi_drive=2" to /boot/config.txt to force HDMI and reboot.

Everything seems to be working, except I only get "Locked No Video" on the screen, never a picture.

Make sure that you have the HDMI monitor plugged into the primary HDMI socket - that's the one nearest the USB-C power socket.

I need to use a Composite Video input monitor, not an HDMI monitor.

Select the display option that you want in the ssh Console Menu.

I am using an HDMI display, but want to use a different audio output.

Select the audio output option you want in the ssh Console menu (5).

When I use a Composite Video Monitor, I lose some of the edges of the display.

Add the line "overscan_scale=1" to /boot/config.txt and reboot.

I can't save changes to /boot/config.txt

The file /boot/config.txt is owned by root, so you will need to use the command "sudo nano /boot/config.txt" to edit it.

I am losing the edge of the screen off my monitor.

Try adding the line overscan_scale=1 to /boot/config.txt. You will need to use the command sudo nano /boot/config.txt to do this.

After my Ryde has been waiting for a signal for a reasonable length of time, the display screen goes blank

Check the time-out (sleep?) settings on your HDMI display. The Ryde continues to output a (Not Locked) image for days on end.

Does the Ryde work with the MiniTiouner Pro V2?

Yes. Use Tuner Input A and the USB Master socket. One user had to comment out lines 114-117 of stvvglna.c and rebuild, but this seems to have been a transient (now cured) fault with his particulare tuner.

Can I change the names of the presets?

Yes, but you have to edit the config file directly, and not from the ssh console menu. The preset names and parameters can be changed in the file /home/pi/ryde/config.yaml. Be very careful with the formatting; if it all goes wrong, you can use the factory reset option in the advanced settings menu of the ssh console.

Can I control the Ryde from the QuickTune application?

Yes. You need to set up QuichTune with the Ryde's IP Address, and then select QO-100 as the band.

My HDMI monitor does not work properly with Ryde (particularly 4K).

Try forcing the hdmi mode in /boot/config.txt. For example by adding the text:


The codes can all be found here https://www.raspberrypi.com/documentation/computers/config_txt.html#hdmi-mode but here are some common example codes:

82 1920x1080 60Hz 16:9 1080p
83 1600x900 60Hz 16:9 reduced blanking
84 2048x1152 60Hz 16:9 reduced blanking
85 1280x720 60Hz 16:9 720p