Ryde Watchdog

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The Ryde Watchdog can be set to restart the Ryde application if either Ryde or LongMynd crash (or if Ryde locks-up). It ONLY works in DVB-S/S2 modes, not when the Ryde is being used for DVB-T or stream reception.

The Ryde Watchdog is enabled from the SSH Console Menu. Type "menu" at the command prompt to enter the menu, then select "8 Settings Advanced Settings". Then select "11 LongMynd Watchdog".

The current watchdog state will have an asterisk against it. Use the arrows to move the red block to the desired state, then press the apce bar to select it. Then press enter to make the change.

When the watchdog has been enabled from the menu, it does not start until the Ryde is rebooted.