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In order to receive 437 MHz (70cms) DATV on a standard satellite STB, you need to up convert the signal to L band.

Luckily there is a consumer device called the SUP2400 available in the USA which is used on cable networks to up convert UHF signals to L Band where they are then received on a standard satellite box. They are available on ebay but only in the US.

The SUP2400 was designed to be controlled by the STB using Disecq commands which the STB sent down the co-ax cable connecting the 2 units when frequency up conversion is required. As we did not originally know the Disecq commands used M0DTS figured out a series of hardware modifications to force the SUP2400 to upconvert the incoming 70cms signal. These hardware modification are described in CQ-TV 239 and available here.

Ron G7DOE investigated further and designed a small PIC based Diseqc controller as described in CQ-TV 250 which does away with the hardware modifications.

Through hole version to make yourself:

File:SUP2400 DiSEqC Thru Hole PARTS.xls File:SUP2400 DiSEqC Thru Hole ETCH.pdf

A surface mount version that can be coax powered or externally powered

File:SUP2400 DiSEqC.xls


File:SUP2400 DiSEqC top.pdf

File:SUP2400 DiSEqC bottom.pdf

I have some commercially manufactured PCBs of this type contact G4KLB if you would like one.