The Portsdown Receiver

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The receiver was launched in CQ-TV 265 and fully incorporated into Portsdown 2019 Version 201910230 and later versions.

It uses the LongMynd receiver software written by Heather M0HMO. The original source code is at , but it is now installed automatically during any Portsdown build or update.

Selection of the RX button on Menu 1 takes you to the Portsdown Receiver menu. Access to the previous LeanDVB receiver is retained through a new Button on Menu 2. The Portsdown Receiver Menu changes between frequencies and settings for QO-100 and Terrestrial DATV when the top LH button is pressed.

M0YDH QO-100 Rx menu.jpg


On terrestrial choose a frequency, symbol rate and player or UDP stream. The software searches for a frequency lock and displays received TV some seconds later.

LongMynd 1st pictures.jpg

The data overlayed on the image can be hidden by touching the left hand side of the screen; touching the right hand side of the screen stops the receiver and returns to the receiver menu.