Video Cameras and Capture Devices

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The following video cameras and capture devices are considered "core" to the Portsdown project and will continue to be supported with testing before each new release:

The Raspberry Pi Camera (version 1 and Version 2)

The Fushicai EasyCap USB video capture device as sold in the BATC Shop.

A number of other cameras and capture devices are known to work. These will not be intentionally disabled in future software updates, but will not be tested before new software versions are released. If you own one of these and it is disabled by a software update, please post details on the BATC forum including: Exact camera/capture device model number, last known working software version and failing software version.

The STK1160 USB Video Capture Device

Logitech C170 USB Webcam

Logitech C525 USB WebCam

Logitech C920 USB Webcam

These lists are not exhaustive.

G8GKQ 18 Mar 2018