146 MHz amplifiers

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RD series

Rob M0DTS published an easy to construct design using the RD series of FETs in CQ-TV 247 and 249 - a good way to get a clean 5 watts on 146 MHz. (The full article is available in high resolution in the magazine)


For 2m have a look at M0DTS web page. http://www.m0dts.co.uk/index.php?tag=146MHz

Mitsubishi power modules

The Mitsubshi RA60H1317M 60 watt brick can be driven via the YU1LM filter and a 10 dB attenuator from the Portsdown transmitter to provide approximately 7 watts output.

146 333ks +10dB 7watts.JPG

Ready built amplifiers using this module are available from DG0VE or Bert Modermann PE1RKI http://www.pe1rki.com/

Minikits are a suppler of kits http://www.minikits.com.au/ specifically http://www.minikits.com.au/electronic-k ... high-power

RA60H3847M1 RF Module 60W 378-470MHz for 70cm RA18H1213G RF Module 18W 1240-1300MHz for 23cm

For those who want to roll their own, the components are available from the following

  • Sam Jewell G4DDK, 8W amplifier kits uses the same PCB as the 60 watt version.


  • Anglia Live, suppliers of Mitsubishi power modules


  • 60W power amplifier pcb (available from G4DDK above)