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! CQ-TV/date !! File !! Description
! CQ-TV/date !! File !! Description
| Example || Example || Example
| 249 || [[:File:dfs1201_11400.zip]] || Elcom DFS1201 Synth Code
| Example || Example || Example
| Example || Example || Example

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BATC Software that is still evolving is generally published on the BATC GitHub Site. Please note that no responsibility can be accepted for the consequences of using any of the published software, and that no support is available.

Older software (mainly PIC programs) is listed below.

See ADF435x PIC for code and pcb specifications for the CQ-TV 253 article "7 band oscillator" by G7DOE

The VHDL Demo programs written in 2013 by G4GUO to support his CQ-TV 241 and CQ-TV 242 articles File:vhdldemo.zip

PIC software for the Comtech modules sold by G1MFG in the nearly 2000s is described and linked on this page Comtech_modules - G1MFG_Software

The "VPTSR" Terminate and Stay Resident program for JVFAX written in 1995 File:vptsr.zip

CQ-TV/date File Description
249 File:dfs1201_11400.zip Elcom DFS1201 Synth Code
Example Example Example
236 File:CF405.zip Compact Flash Player for 405 Line TV
??? File:cropedit.zip Cropedy Testcard Generator EPROM
??? File:chkscn.zip Monitor Testing/setup program for IBM PC
228 File:DispV51.zip PIC-based Comtech Controller
211 File:video_filter_design.zip Video Filter Design Spreadsheet
211 File:Repeater_controller_bs2.zip Repeater Controller on a Stamp BS2
205 File:tcg_mk2.zip Low Cost Testcard Generator Mk 2
203 File:processingprogs.zip Image Grab Processing
201 File:Caption_Generator_ASM.zip Low Cost Caption Generator
201 File:TestCard.ZIP Low Cost Testcard Generator
199 File:Worthing_ATV.zip Spectrum Emulator
191 File:swrite.zip Source Code for PIC Programming article
187 File:osg_file.zip Low cost on-screen Text Generator
187 File:coxx.zip The Cox 350 VTR Clock
186 File:mfrelay.zip MF Controlled Switch
185 File:tvident.zip Simple TV Repeater Control and Ident
184 File:beyond14.zip Supporting PIC programs for "Beyond TTL" article
182 File:tone.zip 16C84 Morse Generator
180 File:p2d.zip P2D update of PICDream by G8SIK
180 File:picdream.zip Original PICDream. Video test card from a 16C84
177 File:beyond12.zip Example program for 16C84
175 File:switch_4.zip Upgraded software for Audio/video switcher
175 File:84demo.zip PIC 16C84 Demo Program
173 File:eprompro.zip Beyond TTL EPROM Programmer